01/01/01 RAW is WAR
Terri came down with Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn as they were to do commentary for the next match. The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita took on Kaientai. Neither Diva got involved in the match, however, after the match Lita began teasing Malenko and called him over, of course Malenko got up but was attacked by Matt, and Saturn challenged Jeff. Being the she-devil, Terri decided to help her men and jump into the fight,but Lita quickly intercepted Terri and whipped her to the floor. The Hardyz and "Terri's Bully" Lita quickly ran away.

01/04/01 Smackdown!
Chris Jericho took on Chris Benoit. In this "Battle of the Chris'", Chris Jericho seemed to have the upper-hand on Benoit. As Chris, strapped Chris in the "Walls", Perry Saturn and Terri (who were soon followed by Malenko) rushed to the ring. Perry jumped in and cost Y2J the match, as Terri bounced around outside the ring. Matt and Jeff Hardy quickly came to Jericho's rescue, and Lita doddled behind.

Lita and Matt come out first accompanied by Matt. Next being lead down by Malenko, Perry Saturn and the sexy Terri. As Terri was bouncing on the ropes, Lita grabbed her hair. Saturn quickly took care of Matt and saved Terri from Lita. Perry and Matt started the match. Eventually, Perry tagged in Terri... Perry held Matt Hardy as Terri slapped him. She wound up to kick him, but Matt moved and Terri's leg went straight into Perry's crotch. During this commotion, Matt tagged in Lita, who delivered a "head-scissors" takedown on Perry. Matt and Perry went outside and faught which left Lita inthe ring with the gorgeous blonde. Terri tried escaping but Lita grabbed her by the hair and bodyslammed Terri. As Terri swaggered back to her feet, she was met by a spear. Lita picked Terri up and hit "The Twist of Fate" and went for the pin, but Malenko pulled her out and stuck his tingue down Lita's throat. Lita slapped him, which sent him into a Jeff Hardy clothesline. Lita then proceeded to set Terri near the turnbuckle. Lita went for a moonsault and literally missed Terri (is it me, or is Lita's moonsault getting worse, and worse??). Lita went for the pin again, but Malenko jumped into the ring and delivered a DDT (Perry had the ref distracted). Terri crawled onto Lita and pinned her.

01/08/01 RAW is WAR
Lita came out with Jericho and The Hardyz for their match against the Radicalz. The women did nothing in the match, until the latter half. Perry Saturn received a clothesline from Jericho, this cause Terri to jump onto the apron. Jericho then grabbed Terri and threw Terri off the apron, who landed face-first onto the floor. After the match, Lita pulled Malenko off the apron, and in retaliation, Malenko threw mustard all over Lita. Lita left all disgusted.

Backstage, Lita told the Hardyz to go away. as she was going to take a shower. The Hardyz left, and Malenko went in. He opened the curtain, to see a topless Lita (for those who think she was nude, she wasn't. She was wearing a dark thong). The Hardyz then attacked Malenko.

01/11/01 Smackdown!
RTC w/Ivory took on The Hardyz and The One Billy Gunn. Gunn and Hardyz lost, as Ivory distracted the ref, letting RTC get an illegal pin. However, Lita pulled Ivory off of the apron.

01/15/01 RAW is WAR
Lita and The Hardyz took on Val, Steven and Ivory. The women didn't do much in the match. Near the end of the match, Chyna showed up and distracted Ivory, allowing Lita to beat Ivory. Lita planted a "Twist of Fate" and pinned Ivory. Chyna accepted Ivory's challenge for the Women's Strap at RR.

01/18/01 Smackdown!
Jacqueline and APA took on Lita and the Hardyz. The men participated in most of the match, until Jackie tagged herself in. Lita then came in and began working Jackie. Lita got Jackie down, and nailed a moonsault. APA broke the count and eventually Faarrooq pinned Jeff Hardy.

01/22/01 RAW is WAR
Jacqueline accompanied APA down to their match against The Hardyz w/Lita. The women did nothing because Lita knew if she got involved, Jacqueline could kick the crap out of her.

01/25/01 Smackdown!
Vince pitted Jeff Hardy and Bradshaw against Farooq and Matt Hardy. Since Lita and Jacqueline were in the middle, since they didn't know which team to manage, both Divas stood backstage and watched the match.

01/29/01 RAW is WAR
RTC took on APA w/Jacqueline and The Hardyz w/Lita in a triple-threat match. Right off the bat, the two valets went at at as Jackie beat up Lita, the ref's broke them up and scheduled a match.

Ivory made her way down to watch the number one contender match which pitted Lita against Jackie. Lita started off doing her usual moves, then Jackie opened a can of whoop ass on Lita. Ivory began mouthing of Lawler, and both Jacqueline and Lita attack Ivory. The match ended in a no contest.

02/01/01 Smackdown!
After the Hardyz -vs- Dudleyz table match, Lita ran backstage to see if her boys were alright. Matt told her that they're big boys and she should worry about her match.

A triple threat match was scheduled on Smackdown! Lita came out first, followed Jacqueline, and then Ivory. Jackie and Lita doubled teamed Ivory. Both ladies worked the women's champ until she was down. Jackie went for the pin, but Lita broke it up. Then Lita went for a pin and Jackie broke it up. Ivory was then sent out, as Lita delivered a moonsault on Jackie, but Ivory threw Lita to the outside and go the pin.

02/05/01 RAW is WAR!
Chris Jericho took on Matt Hardy w/Lita. Chris Jericho seemed to have the match won, but Lita tried to cheat and delivered a hurricanrana on Jericho. Matt Hardy was sent outside, and Malenko came down to the ring. He swung Matt into the ring, but between Matt and the ring stood Lita. So, Matt flew into Lita who waddled into the ring. Lita lay as if she were dead, all because she was thrown into the ring??? What a wuss! Anyway, after the match, the rest of the Radicalz, minus Benoit, but including the gorgeous Terri, came down to the ring. The men beat up Jericho and Matt, while Lita lay in the corner acting like she's paralyzed.

02/08/01 Smackdown!
The Hardyz w/Lita came down for their match against The Radicalz, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn w/Terri. The control of the match kept going from one team to the other. Matt had Benoit set up for a suplex but Terri grabbed his leg which let Benoit get the upper-hand. The Hardyz seemed like they were in the control, but Terri jumped onto the apron and distracted the referee. Lita quickly pulled Terri down and layed her out, but Malenko quickly grabbed Lita, but was stopped by Matt. This allowed Benoit to make Jeff Hardy tap out.

02/12/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and The Hardy Boyz come out first, followed by Terri, Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit. The men faught most of the match, and control went both ways. At one point in the match, Benoit and Jeff were battling outside as Matt was working on Saturn. Terri jumped into the ring and hopped onto Matt's back. Matt flipped her onto the mat, and tagged Lita. Lita went for a hurricanranna on Terri, but missed and nailed it on Saturn. Lita then delivered a "Twist of Fate" on Terri and pinned her after hitting a moderate moonsault.

02/15/01 Smackdown!
Hardyz and Lita are backstage, they do the same ol' "Lita you're not going out there" "Ah, yes I am" crap.

Hardyz and Lita come out followed by Perry Saturn and Terri. Matt and Perry went at it as Lita, Jeff and Terri looked on. The match had no female involvement, until the end. Terri decided to help her man and held on to Matt's leg, as Matt was occupied with Terri, Lita got up on the apron. Matt somehow caused Terri to fall to the floor and Jeff stood above her teasing her like a little girl. Dean Malenko then came to ringside, and Saturn swung Matt into Lita, who fell off the apron onto Malenko. Malenko set Lita down and kissed her. Lita got loose and slapped Malenko. The Radicalz began to retreat, when Lita got on the mic and challenged Malenko to a match on RAW!

02/19/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita comes out first, followed by Dean Malenko. The match starts, and Malenko works over Lita. He goes out to get a chair, and comes back and the ref tries to take the chair away. Lita goes for a schoolboy. Malenko beats Lita some more, and Lita gets in a couple offensive moves. Dean goes for the chair again, but Matt comes in and nails Dean with the chair, and Lita gets the pin. Post-match, Lita is in the ring and Matt kisses her. Lita seemed upset and Matt began retreating towards the back. Lita approaches Matt and slides her tongue down his throat.

02/22/01 Smackdown!
Lita comes down with Jeff Hardy for his match against Rikishi. Lita stood in Jeff's corner and cheered for him, occasionally exchanging words with Rikishi. Rikishi pinned Hardy after a Bonzai Drop and began leaving, as Lita enters the ring. Rikishi comes back into the ring and Lita retreats, and jumps onto the oppostie turnbuckle. Rikishi shakes the rope, causing Lita to tumble onto the mat. Rikishi the delivers a long stink-face to the red-head. Matt Hardy quickly comes in and saves his beauty.

02/25/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Matt Hardy w/ Lita took on Rikishi. Rikishi stalked Lita, which allowed Matt to attack Rikishi. Rikishi began annihilating Matt, and Lita knew she had to do something. Lita low-blowed Rikishi, causing Matt to be DQ'ed and Jeff ran in and Haku ran in and all hell broke loose.

02/26/01 RAW is WAR!
Molly Holly w/Crash comes out first, followed by Lita w/ Matt. Molly and Lita fight and Molly takes charge, but Lita retaliates. The women put on a quite a match, and Lita tried to pin Molly two times, but failed. Lita did, whoever, pin Molly only after Ninja Girl interfered and DDT'ed Molly.

03/01/01 Smackdown!
Matt and Lita took on Molly and Crash, the two men started off, and eventually Molly was tagged in. Molly and Crash "double suplexed" Matt, and Matt then tagged Lita. Molly capitalized on Lita at the beginning, but Lita kept countering. The match was good, very quick moving and full of moves. Molly "Molly-go-rounded" Matt, but he kicked out. Lita hit a "head scissor-takedown" followed by a "Twist of Fate, by Matt, on Crash for the pin.

03/05/01 RAW is WAR!
Backstage, Lita, Matt and Jeff are talking. Lita says she has to go, because her match is next. Matt and Jeff follow.

Lita and Ivory start their match. Ivory takes control of the match, but Lita soon starts retaliating. Both women continue fighting, as RTC and Hardyz start stuff on the floor. Jeff goes for a railing splash, but nails Lita. Ivory brings her in, delivers a neckbreaker and pins her. After the match, Matt helps Lita and yells at Jeff.

Lita comes out and celebrates with the Hardyz after their win over the Dudleyz.

03/08/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied The Hardyz down to their match against The Dudleyz. Christian ran in, allowing the Hardyz to retain, but not before Lita delivered a "Hurricanrana" on Buh Buh Ray Dudley.

03/12/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita comes down to the ring with The Hardyz in their match against X-Pac and Justin Credible. The Hardyz win by DQ (Albert interferes), but not before Jeff inadvertantly takes out Lita.

03/15/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied The Hardy Boyz to their six-man tag match. The Hardyz, paired up with Billy Gunn, took on Justin Credible, X-Pac and Albert. During the match, as Credible was layed out, Lita grabbed Credible's legs, so the turnbuckle was between them and pulled Credible. Credible crotch slammed into the turnbuckle. Lita's tried influencing the match, but it ended in a DQ (not because of Lita).

03/19/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita trots down to the ring with The Hardy Boyz as they are set to fight Dudleys. But it's Christian and Edge who come down. E&C are now set to fight The Hardyz for the belts. In the middle of the match, all four competitors were down, so Lita perches herself up on the top rope, and delivers a "hurricanrana" on Christian. Lita, still in the ring celebrating her move, was interrupted by Edge who delivered an "Equilizer" to Lita. Rhyno then came in and helped E&C win the titles.

03/25/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Lita helped The Hardyz beat Kai-en-tai, as Lita delivered a head-scissor take down on the fallen Japanese wrestlers.

03/26/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita accompanied The Hardyz and Benoit to their match against E&C and Kurt. Rhyno interfered and nailed Matt Hardy with a spear. As Rhyno began leaving Lita jumped in to check on her hurt beau. Much to Lita's dismay, Rhyno attacked, spearing Miss Lita.

04/01/01 WrestleMania XVII PPV
The Hardyz w/out Lita took on The Dudleyz w/out Spike took on Christian and Edge w/out Rhyno. The match started, and almost instantly the table's and chairs were brought in. Half way through the match, Spike Dudly came running down and helped out the Dudleys. Rhyno then came running out and started beating on The Hardyz and Dudleyz, allowing Edge to go for the belts. Lita then comes running down, pulls Edge off the ladder and delivers a head-scissor takedown off the top rope. Awhile later, Lita hopped back into the and helped out the Hardyz, after hitting an opponent, Lita took off her shirt and stood in the ring in her bra. When she turned around she was met with a 3D Deathdrop. Christian ended up getting the title belts for his team.

04/05/01 Smackdown!
Lita and her boys enter Regal's office. Regal compliments the Hardyz and unveils a blown up pic of Lita from the Divas Magazine (cover). Regal then issues a Jeff -vs- Big Show match.

The match started with Matt and Lita at Jeff's corner. Big Show went to the outside and beat on Matt, and then chased Lita into the ring. Lita then tries for a "head scissor takedown" from the top rope, but is caught by BS, and almost choke-slammed. Later on, Team Xtreme had to work together to beat BS. Lita did her moonsault, Matt his leg-drop, and Jeff his Swanton.

04/08/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Lita took on Spike Dudley, and the match was filled with many high spots. The Dudleys and Hardyz got involved, and Lita ended up winning the match with a "MoonSault".

04/09/01 RAW is WAR!
As Linda was leaving the arena, Lita approached her. Lita said that seeing Linda stand up for herself really inspired her. Linda thanked her and left. An irrate Vince approached Lita and punished her for her brown-nosing/sucking up by pitting Lita and The Hardyz against Stephanie, Triple H and Austin.

Lita, backstage, informed her boys about the match. The boys and Lita get pumped.

The match starts and the men start fighting. The majority of the match the men faught, however, when all four men were outside of the ring, Lita attacked Steph. Lita pounded Steph and proceeded to give her a moonsault finishing the match off with a pin. After the match, Austin and Triple H beat up Lita, who received a pedigree, stunner and numerous chair shots.

04/16/01 RAW is WAR!
Matt and Jeff are backstage, and Lita comes in. Matt gets angry at Lita, who says she can't stay away from the action.

Lita, Matt and Jeff are shown coming to the ring, but Regal intercepts them. Regal banns Matt from ringside.

Stephanie and Triple H come out first, followed by Lita and Jeff. Triple H starts off by beating Jeff Hardy and continues beating Jeff for the majority of the match. However, Jeff Hardy eventually fights back, but is thrown to the outside. Jeff is brought back into the ring and both Steph and Lita look on. Both ladies cheer for their men. Triple H goes fort he pin, byt Lita pulls his leg. Triple H threatens to go after Lita, and Steph creeps up from behind Lita. Steph attempts to slap Lita, but Lita blocks and chases Steph. Triple H comes in between Lita and Steph, and Lita stops. Steph then distracts the ref, as Triple H tries to beat Jeff outside. Both men come back into the ring, where the match sways from Jeff to Triple H. Jeff goes for the Swanton and misses. Backstage, Suatin beats on Matt, and Lita goes to check on him. As Lita goes up the ramp, Austin comes out and Lita backtracks to the ring. Meanwhile Triple H pins Jeff. Matt comes down to save Jeff who is being beat by Trips and Austin. But, Austin and Trips beat him too. Stephanie throws Lita into the ring, and Triple H and Austin attempt to beat her, but Undertaker and Kane came to her rescue.

04/23/01 RAW is WAR!
Steph accompanies Triple H and Austin, who were paired with Edge and Christian, to their match against Kane, Taker, and The Hardyz w/Lita. The women did absolutely nothing in the match.

04/26/01 Smackdown!
Matt Hardy w/Lita and Jeff come down to the ring, followed by Eddie Guerrero w/Perry Saturn and the lovely Terri. The women stood around for most of the match, until Matt Hardy was thrown to the outside. Perry Saturn decided to get some cheap shots in, so Terri jumped onto the apron and began distracting the referee. After Matt was thrown into the ring, Jeff began beating Saturn which allowed Guerrero to get the advantage on Matt. Saturn layed Jeff out and Terri came over and began kicking him. Lita, who finally sees Jeff being pummelled, runs over to Terri and chases her around the ring. Terri rolls into the ring and Eddie starts getting confused. Lita jumps to the top and delivers a "head scissor takedown" on Eddie. Terri tries to get the refs attention to show him this illegal interferance, but the ref pushes her to the outside. Matt gets the pin and wins the Euro belt. Matt and Lita suck face afterwards.

04/30/01 RAW is WAR!
Trish came down to the ring to challenge Chyna for the Women's Belt. Trish tried attacking Chyna but Chyna proved to strong for Stratus. Chyna literally beat Trish with no effort. After Chyna pinned Trish with a powerbomb, Chyna said that her competitors are weak and that she will be spanking them instead of pinning them. Lita came out and challenged Chyna, and Chyna accepted.

05/03/01 Smackdown!
Stephanie comes down with Triple H to his match against Jeff Hardy w/Lita and Matt. The women stood in their respectable corners, and observed the match.

Lita accompanied boyfriend Matt to his match.

05/05/01 InsurreXtion (UK PPV)!
Ivory and Steven Richards come out and begin babbling about the good fight. Ivory proceeds to call Jacqueline, Trish and Lita trashy hos, and the women attack Ivory. They rip off her top and pants, and Ivory scurries away into the back leaving Richards in the ring. Richards is disgusted, and calls Jackie, Trish and Lita hussies. Lita and Jackie approach Richards, but Trish stops them. Trish walks up to Richards, and starts seducing him, and unbuttons his pants. Trish then low-blows him, and the women rip off Richards pants. Richards walks aimlessly into Jackie's DDT and then into a moonsault by Lita. The women all high-five eachother and leave.

05/07/01 RAW is WAR!
We see previous footage of Lita and the Hardyz telling Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero that they don't trust him.

Lita and her boys come down to the match, where they're paired with Guerrero and take on Team ECK. During the latter half of the match, E&C begin double teaming Eddie. Lita jumps to the top and delivers a head scissor takedown, and starts taunting Edge, unaware that Rhyno has set her up for a GORE. However, Eddie sees this and jumps in the way of the GORE and Lita escapes. Eddie gets pinned. After the match, Lita looks REALLY concerned for Eddie as Matt consoles her.

Chyna comes down to the ring and sits with Heyman and JR. Molly comes out, followed by Lita. The match starts and Molly tries to "schoolboy Lita but Lita kicks out. Lita hits a head scissor takedown. Molly hits an armdrag and a back elbow, and goes up top, but Lita tosses her off. Lita knocks Molly down and hits the moonsault. After the match, Chyna waddles into the ring and holds Lita's arm up. Chyna then goes to help Molly up, as Chyna is bent over Lita starts spanking her ass. Chyna looks up and giggles and Lita does the same.... just pathetic....SOOOO very pathetic!

05/10/01 Smackdown!
RTC - Ivory, Bull, and Goodfather came down to their match against Lita and The Hardyz. The men started off and half way through the match, Ivory insisted on being tagged in. Ivory gets tagged and calls Lita into the ring. The two women battle for awhile, eventually they end up out of the ring when chaos breaks into the ring. Eddie comes down and helps Team Xtreme win.

05/14/01 RAW is WAR!
Molly comes out first followed by Ivory, then we see Lita come out followed by her partner Chyna. Lita and Ivory start the bout. Power in the match gets tossed back and forth and Ivory tags in Molly. Lita gets a jump on Molly and starts beating her. Molly comes back and beats Lita. Lita goes for a tag, but Chyna refuses. Lita then continues on Molly and nails a moonsault for the win.

After the match Lita's beng interviewed and Chyna comes up. Chyna tells Lita that she didn't tag because she wanted to know if Lita is ready to fight her a Judgement Day. Lita says she is.

05/17/01 Smackdown!
Backstage, The Hardyz and Lita discuss about whether to trust Eddie Guerrero.

Terri accompanied Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Jerry Lynn to their match against The Hardy Boyz w/Lita and the traitor Eddie Guerrero. Terri distracted the ref, in hopes helping her team win, but in the end, her team lost. Lita did nothing during the match.

Chyna comes down for her handicapped match. Molly comes out next, followed by Ivory. Molly and Chyna start first, and Molly literally only gets like on offensive move in... a kick. Ivory is tagged next, and Chyna manhandles her. Chyna nails a powerbomb, and pins Ivory. After the match, Lita comes down and raises Chyna's hand. Eddie is standing on the ramp clapping.

05/20/01 Judgment Day (PPV)!
Backstage, Hardyz and Eddie cheer on Lita

Lita comes out first followed by Chyna who was dressed like a peacock. Anyways, the match started of friendly, with the women doing gentle moves. Chyna then started beating on Lita, but Lita faught back. Eventually Lita went for the "Twist of Fate", but Chyna powered out of it. Eddie comes out and stands on the ramp. Chyna hits her powerbomb and pins Lita. They both celebrate in the ring.

05/21/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita came out with Matt to his match against X-Pac. During the match, Albert was causing problems, so Lita jumped onto his back but was thrown to the floor. Matt ended up retaining.

Lita came out with Jeff and Eddie to their match against. Lita got involved, and helps Eddie get the pin.

05/24/01 Smackdown!
Lita and The Hardyz are backstage discussing the upcoming match.

05/28/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Eddie come out with The Hardyz to their match against X-Factor. During the match, Lita tripped Credible and rammed his balls into the turnbuckle.

During the Eddie -vs- Albert match, Lita comes out. Lita grabs Alberts attention, and Eddie is quick to pick up the win. As Eddie and Lita were retreating, Lita and Eddie shared a passionate (?) hug, they later shook hands and proceeded to the back.

05/31/01 Smackdown!
Backstage, Lita and Matt are making out, while Jeff is stretching. Eddie Guerrero comes in and tells Lita and Matt to get a room. He also tells Matt that he should stop kissing Lita and start preparing for the match. Some heated words are passed between Eddie and Matt.

Lita accompnaies the Boyz and Eddie to their match. Lita stands around for the whole match. In the end, Eddie gets thrown over the ropes, Lita goes to check on him, which distracts Matt, causing him to lose.

06/04/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita accompanied Matt and Jeff to their match.

06/07/01 Smackdown!
Lita comes down and celebrates with Matt and Jeff as Jeff wins the belt (Lightweight).

Lita is shown leaving with the Hardyz.

06/11/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt accompany Jeff to their match against X-Pac w/gang. During the match, Lita hits a head-scissor takedown on X-Pac.

06/14/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied Matt Hardy to his match.

06/18/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita came down with Matt Hardy for his match against Albert. During the match, Lita came in to save Matt from Albert's chokehold, resulting in a DQ. Albert was about to attack Lita, but she low-blowed him. The rest of X-Factor comes out and so does Jeff Hardy. Lita delivers a "head-scissor takedown" on X-Pac.

06/21/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied Jeff, Matt and Kane, to their match against X-Factor.

06/24/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Lita comes out with Matt to his match against Justin Credible. Durig the match, Lita jumped onto the apron, and Credible swung at her. Lita then promptly jumped onto the top rope, and delivered a "Lita-canrana" on Mr. Credible.

06/25/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita comes out with Matt Hardy, followed by Trish and Big Show. During the match, BS was in trouble, so Trish jumped onto the apron and kissed Matt Hardy. This didn't sit well with Lita, who ran to Trish and pulled her shirt, ripping it off of her. Trish crashed to the floor in her bra, and Lita go on top of her and bean punching her. Lita then jumped into the ring and low-blowed BS, causin a DQ.

06/28/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied Matt and Jeff to their "Table Match" against Dudley Boyz. During the match, Lita delivered a "Litacanrana" to Buh Buh Ray, and takes him out of action for a bit. D-Von goes through first, followed by Jeff. Matt and Buh Buh fight until Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire interfere.

07/02/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt Hardy took on Trish and Big Show. The match wasn't anything spectacular, for both Divas have put on better shows in the past. Lita pins Trish after delivering a moonsault. After the match Big Show got mad at Trish and attempted to beat her up but Jeff came to her rescue!

07/05/01 Smackdown!
Jeff Hardy is in the back putting on his boots when Trish enters, and thanks Jeff for protecting her from Big Show. Lita and Matt enter and kick Trish out and glare at Jeff.

07/09/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt are at WWF NY, and they are questioned about the bra and panties match. Matt says that they are more worried about Trish than Stacy and Torrie.

07/12/01 Smackdown!
Trish is backstage with Jeff and tells him that she was caught in the moment and apologizes for the kiss. Jeff says there is no need to apologize. Lita and Matt come up and Lita challenges Trish to a match, to settle their differences.

Lita comes out first, followed by Trish. They start the match with a push, a slap, and a takedown. After a couple hair throws and pushes, Trish sends Lita into the corner and chokes her. Trish delivers a top-rope bulldog. Lita soon counters and delivers a Twist of Fate and a Moonsault. In the back, Jeff and Matt are celebrating, when Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler show up. Stacy kisses Matt and Torrie kisses Jeff. Lita and Trish are mad in the ring.

07/16/01 RAW is WAR!
Trish and Lita, along with the other WWF crew are in a room, where Taker, APA and others give them a pep talk.

Trish comes out first, followed by Terri. Terri slaps Trish, Trish then retaliates and delivers a big swing. Trish then goes for a clothesline, and misses, Terri then takes her down by the hair. They roll around somemore, and Trish then nails a bulldog for the pin. Afterwards, Trish tries ripping off Terri's top, but Trish is attacked by Stacy and Torrie. Lita comes in and clotheslines Torrie and Stacy. She then delivers a "twist of fate" on Stacy.

07/19/01 Smackdown!
Trish is backstage getting ready for the arm-wrestle when Lita enters. Lita tells her that they may not be friends, but they are WWF and that Lita will be behind Trish tonight. Earl Hebner comes in and tells the Diva's that he'll be there too.

Torrie and Stacy come down first, followed by Trish and Lita. Torrie and Trish are about to lock up and Torrie pulls her hand away. They finally lock up, and first Trish is about to win, then Torrie, then Trish, then Torrie, then Trish, then Nick Patrick nails Hebner. Lita goes to check on Hebner, and Stacy helps Torrie win. Lita then realizes what happened and spears Stacy, and Trish nails Torrie. The women go at it, while the refs do too. Trish and Lita pull Hebner off of Patrick and the women attack Patrick. Stacy and Torrie pull Patrick out and WWF stands and celebrates.

07/22/01 InVasion (PPV)!
Torrie and Stacy are getting ready for their match. Torrie says it's too bad they'll win, because the fans will miss out on seeing her big breasts, and Stacy says, that they won't get to see her nice ass. Torrie and Stacy leave and Torrie smacks Stacy's ass and says "Wow Stac, you're right! Your ass is firm!" or something to that nature.

Torrie Wilson came out first, followed by Stacy Keibler and then the two WWF Women, Trish Stratus and Lita came out! Trish and Lita stormed to the ring and Torrie and Stacy started it off with slaps to the faces of the WWF Women. There are no pinfalls in this match and the women all fought on the mat. Stacy got on the outside of the ring and the match started off with Trish against Torrie Wilson. Torrie gave Trish Stratus a drop kick and then she got her in the corner and kicked away on her. Torrie slapped Trish right across the face and then Trish fired back with some slaps to the face of Torrie Wilson. Torrie whipped Trish into the corner and Trish came out of the corner with a clothesline. Trish Stratus got Torrie Wilson in a suplex and then she went to rip some clothes off but Stacy Keibler got in the ring and interrupted her. Stacy and Torrie went to double team Trish but Trish got a double clothesline on them. Trish tagged in Lita and Lita called for Stacy to get in the ring, but Stacy didn't want to get in the ring. Torrie and Stacy argued and then Lita knocked Torrie off the apron and then she pulled Stacy into the ring. Lita pulled Stacy's shirt off and she tried to cover up but Lita pulled Stacy down to the mat by her pants. Lita whipped Stacy off the ropes and Stacy bailed out of the ring and ran away as Lita ran after her. Stacy got in the ring and Lita tried to get in when Torrie kicked her. Stacy slammed Lita's head onto the mat a number of times and then Stacy pulled off Lita's shirt! Lita kicked Stacy and then she snap mared Stacy with the shirt. Lita backed Stacy into the corner and then she tossed her out of the corner. Lita went to the top rope and she came off with a high cross body but Stacy moved out of the way. Stacy crawled over and made the tag to Torrie Wilson as Lita tagged in Trish. Trish knocked Torrie down with some clotheslines and then she whipped her into the corner and went for a clothesline but Torrie moved. Torrie tossed Trish across the ring by the hair. Torrie stood on Trish's hair and pulled it and then she went to pull Trish's shirt off but Trish countered by rolling Torrie up and then she pulled her pants off as Trish's shirt was ripped off. Trish and Lita hit Torrie with the Poetry in Motion and then the two stripped Torrie down to her Bra and Panties! Trish gave Stacy a bulldog and then Lita came off the top rope with a moonsault and then Trish and Lita pulled Stacy's pants off to get the win!

07/26/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanies the Hardy Boyz to their match against Hurricane Helms and Billy Kidman. During the match, Kidman and Jeff end up outside, so Lita nails a Lita-canrana on Kidman. Matt and Jeff win the bout.

07/30/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt come out first, followed by Hurricane Helms and Torrie "Mmmm..." Wilson. Torrie and Lita start the match, and the match consisted of spears, hair throws, and kicks/punches. The guys get tagged, and the women interfere. Torrie eventually low-blows Matt, allowing Helms to get the pin.

08/02/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied The Hardyz to their match.

08/06/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita is backstage getting coffee, and Debra comes up. They hug and start conversing. Lita tells Debbie how impressed she is, and that it must be hard to live with Austin. Debbie gets mad and leaves.

Austin storms into Matt and Lita's dressing room, and tells them the lies Debra has told him. Matt says Lita never said those, and Austin thinks Matt is calling Debra a liar. Steve challenges Matt to match and leaves.

Lita is on her cell backstage, and Austin comes up to her and says that her lies will get her boyfriends ass kicked. Lita says it's a stupid misunderstanding. Austin "We'll see who looks stupid".

Matt and Lita come out first, followed by Austin and Debra. The women stayed on their respected sides, until Lita jumped onto the apron. Debra ran to Lita and pulled her off. Lita then chased after Debra, who I guess was too fast for her because Debra managed to escape. Debra ran into the ring and Lita followed but met Austin, who delivered a stunner to Lita. Austin pins Matt and Mr. and Mrs. Austin celebrate.

08/13/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt are backstage talking to Kurt. Hurricane Helms comes and insults Kurt. Kurt beats him up, and throws him onto a table. Matt and Lita then go up to the table and eat the food Hurricane just fell on.

08/16/01 Smackdown!
Backstage, Lita and Matt check on Jeff.

08/19/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Stacy Keibler gets Lita's attention just long enough for Torrie Wilson and Ivory to sneak in and ambush Lita. Stacy and Torrie stretch Lita out and Ivory delivers a stiff kick to Lita's knee. The Alliance women stalk off as Lita writhes.

Backstage, officials tell Lita not to wrestle in the match.

Jackie charges into the ring before the bell and catches a beat down before Molly Holly dashes into the ring to try to even the odds. Molly battles Torrie and Stacy to the outside and it settles into Jackie and Ivory in the ring. Jackie dominates and gets a near fall from referee Chad Patton, but Ivory soon takes over with a near fall and a choke over the middle rope. Stacy foils a Jackie pin attempt and Molly trashes her for her crime. Ivory slams Jackie and gloats to the crowd as the referee tries to get Molly out of the ring. LITA gimps down to ringside and nails Ivory with the Twist of Fate behind the referee's back. Lita scoots out and referee Patton turns around to toll the three for Team WWF.

08/19/01 SummerSlam (PPV)!
During the Austin -vs- Angle match, Lita, along with the rest of the WWF sat in the back and cheered on Angle.

08/20/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita's music hits, and she, Jacqueline, and Molly come down the non-ramped entrance way. We get video of last night's Heat, when Lita was set-up for a three-on-one beating on her leg. The Alliance ladies come to the ring, and we are ready to get it on. Ivory and Molly start this one off, with Ivory locking in a Full Nelson. Shoulder block by Molly. Sweet Northern Lights Suplex by Molly 1-2-kickout. Arm wrenches by Ivory, but Molly hits a snapmare. Ivory goes to tag out, but Stacey and Torrie won't tag. Meanwhile, Jacqueline tags in and takes Ivory down. Dropkick by Jackie. Ivory jumps and tags in a confused Torrie Wilson. Takedown by Jackie, followed by mounted punches. Stacey gets a cheapshot and comes in, but Jacqueline clotheslines them both down. Tag to Lita and Ivory. Drop toehold by Lita. Lita flips off the ropes, but hurts her already injured leg in the process. Ivory stomps away on Lita's leg. Lita, on one leg, hits a Monkey Flip, followed with an enziguri. Tag to Jacqueline. Jacqueline starts taking on all three Alliance ladies, but they're too much. Finally it's just Ivory, who nails Jacqueline. Jacqueline fights back from the turnbuckle and hits a Tornado DDT 1-2-3!

08/23/01 Smackdown!
Lita took on Ivory in a singles match. Near the end of the match, Hurricane Helms comes running down to the ring and pulls the ropes so that Lita falls to the outside. He throws her back and Ivory picks up the quick pinfall to score the win. After the match, Matt Hardy came running down for the save but he was too late obviously.

08/27/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita comes down with Matt Hardy to his match against The Hurricane. During the match, Ivory comes running down and clobbers Lita's leg with a tire iron. Lita falls to the ground and starts crying. Matt Hardy grabs Ivory and Ivory works Matt with the iron too! Ivory beat up both Lita and Matt Hardy! Hurricane quickly pins Matt with the help of Ivory.

Backstage, EMT's look at Lita's leg.

09/03/01 RAW is WAR!
Lita and Matt come out first, followed by Ivory and Hurricane. The men start the match, but the women are tagged in shortly. Ivory goes for a slam but Lita counters with a head-scissor takedown. Lita does her same-ol' same-ol' moves, and eventually Saturn comes in and helps Ivory and Hurricane win.

09/04/01 Smackdown!
Hardyz and Lita come out first, followed by Raven, Credible and the sexy Terri. Terri and Lita argue and Terri pushes Lita out of the ring! During the match, Jeff Hardy was brought to the ropes, where Terri slapped him. Lita then decides to go after Terri but stops when Credible jumps in the way. Lita decides not to go after Terri, who is smaller than her, when someone her own size steps up! After the match, Terri gets into the ring and slaps Matt and Jeff and LITA! Terri's bully, Lita, then delivers a "Twist of Fate" on the helpless Terri.

09/10/01 RAW is WAR!
The Hardys come out with Lita, for six-person, inter-gender tag action, against Ivory, Hurricane and Lance Storm. Hurricane and Matt start out, and it's a while before the women get involved. Storm gets in a Full Nelson and Ivory gets in some action, and quickly leaves. Near the end of the match, the women finally get tagged in. Back body drop by Lita, followed with a headscissors. Russian Legsweep by Lita 1-2-broken with a Storm Stomp. Storm 'buckles Lita and goes up for a Superplex, but Jeff pulls him down with a Powerbomb. Hurricane runs in and SuperHeroKicks Jeff, only to be hit with the HurricaneLita. Ivory runs in, but is hit with a Twist of Fate from Matt. Lita goes up top and hits the moonsault 1-2-3! Fade Out.

09/13/01 Smackdown!
Lita, and the WWF roster, made their way to the ramp to pay tribute to the tragedy that struck New York.

Backstage, in an interview, Lita reflected on what happened on Tuesday.

09/17/01 RAW is WAR!
Jeff Hardy makes his way out to the ring, being accompanied by Lita. They were followed by Lance Storm and Ivory. Both Lita and Ivory played little roles in the matche, occasionally interfering.

09/20/01 Smackdown!
Lita accompanied the Hardyz in their match against The Dudleyz. During the match, Lita "hurricane-Lita's" D-Von.

09/23/01 Unforgiven (PPV)!
After Angle defeated Austin in the mainevent, some of the WWF roster came out to celebrate, including Lita.

09/24/01 RAW is WAR!
Backstage, Lita is waiting backstage, when Kanyon comes up to her and asks her to spend time with him. Lita makes Kanyon repeat himself, and makes fun of his speech impediment.

Lita and Matt come down to the ring followed by Kanyon. During the match Lita delivers a Litacanrana on Kanyon. Later on Kanyon swings Matt into Lita, who is standing on the apron, as Lita falls to the ground, Kanyon pins Matt.

09/27/01 Smackdown!
Hardyz come out with Lita to fight Rhyno and Kanyon. Near the end of the match, Kanyon tries to kiss Lita, but she guillotine's him, which lets Matt pin him.

10/07/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Ivory attacks Lita from behind. Lita throws Ivory into the corner. Lita goes for a clothesline but misses. Ivory rakes Lita's eyes. Ivory kicks her in the gut several times. Ivory tags Kanyon. Kanyon plays up to Lita. Matt runs in and gives him a clothesline. Lita tags Jeff. Jeff gives Kanyon a suplex. Jeff tags Matt. Kanyon tags Storm. Storm manhandles Matt. Matt gives him a clothesline. Matt goes up to the top rope and gives a leg drop. Matt runs after Kanyon outside of the ring. Storm kicks Matt in the face. Storm throws Matt back in the ring. Storm gives Matt a drop kick to the throat. Storm tags Kanyon. Kanyon gives Matt a side suplex. Kanyone covers for two. Kanyone tags Storm. Storm gives Matt a bodyslam and punches him a few times. Kanyon tags back in. Kanyon and Storm double team Matt. Kanyone covers for two. Matt rallies back, punching Kanyone in the gut. Kanyon goes to give Matt a suplex. Matt reverses and gives him a neck breaker. Matt tags. Jeff works Kanyone over. Jeff goes up to the top rope and lands a Whisper in the Wind on Kanyon. Jeff covers for two. Ivory breaks up the cover. Lita runs in and beats her on the back. Lita punches Ivory a few times. Jeff runs and jumps over the top rope, flips and lands on both Kanyon and Storm. Lita continues to beat on Ivory. Kanyon and Storm hop in the ring and throw Lita into the ropes. She ducks their clothesline. Matt, Lita, and Jeff give Storm and Kanyon a three way clothesline. Everyone is in the ring besides Ivory. Matt gives Kanyon the Twist of Fate. Jeff lands the Swanton Bomb on Kanyon. Matt covers for three.

10/08/01 RAW!
Lita accompanied The Hardyz to their match against Booker T and Test. Lita got involved helping Matt avoid Test's huge boot. Undertaker came in and helped the Hardyz win.

Lita was leaving the Hardyz lockerroom, when they bumped into Mighty Molly and The Hurricane. Molly tells Lita that the Hardyz are dishonest and she challenges Lita to a match. Lita replies with a "Holy Asskicking, Molly!".

Lita and Molly came out for their matches alone. The match was good, Lita went for a Twist of Fate, and Molly powered out of it. Molly then started capitalizing and threw on the "Northern Lights Suplex" for the pin! After Molly's clean win over Lita, Hurricane named the Hurricycle... The Molly Mobile for tonight.

10/14/01 Sunday Night HeAT!
Terri comes down with her man Raven and Justin Credible. Lita and The Hardyz come out next. The match starts and in a couple of minutes, all the action is sent to the outside. Raven starts by chasing Lita, who enters the ring. As she turns around, Terri has taken off her shoes and perched herself up on the top rope. Terri jumps and nails a high-cross body on Lita. Terri then does her she-devil thing and exits the ring. Later on, Lita hits a Hurricane-Lita on Raven, which causes Terri to jump back into the ring. She grabs Lita and attempts to give her a Twist of Fate, but Lita reverses it and Terri gets it! The Hardyz pin Raven for the win.

10/18/01 Smackdown!
The Superheros and Lance Storm w/Ivory come down first followed by Lita and The Hardyz. The guys start the match and most of it is faught without any women action. Molly jumps in and neckwrenches Matt Hardy, and eventually the women are tagged. Molly and Lita go at it, and the men fight outside. The Hardyz and Lita seem to have won the match, when Ivory, who looked SUPER hot, takes down Lita and Jeff allowing Hurricane to "The Eye of the Hurricane."

10/21/01 No Mercy (PPV)
The Hardy Boyz w/Lita come out first followed by Lance Storm w/Ivory and The Hurricane w/Molly. The women did nothing important in the match until the end. Molly runs in to help out Hurricane, but Lita stops her. Ivory jumps in and beats up Lita, so Jeff beats up Ivory and hits a leg drop/lowblow on Ivory. The Hardyz win.

Stacy is walking backstage and bumps into Matt Hardy, she shows off her lingerie and Matt says she looks great. Matt keeps staring at Stacy as she walks away, until Lita comes by and Matt starts sucking up to Lita.

10/22/01 RAW!
Lita came out first followed by Trish, then came out Ivory and Mighty Molly. The match was good, considering the recent down slope in women's matches. In the end, Trish hit a bulldog on Molly as Lita hit a Twist of Fate on Ivory, and nailed a moonsault for the win.

Matt Hardy is walking around looking for Lita. He bursts into the women's lockerroom to find a topless Trish! Trish talks with Matt, who says she had a great match. Trish thanks Matt and goes to the shower. Lita enters and questions Matt's intentions for being in the women's lockerroom. Matt says he was looking for her. Lita says that she's going to take a shower and Matt stops her and says that they should find a shower of their own.

10/25/01 Smackdown!
Stacy and The Dudleyz come down first followed by Lita and The Hardyz. Near the end of the match, Stacy jumps onto the apron and distracts Matt. Lita runs over, after letting Matt get distracted... and pulls Stacy off the apron. Lita slaps Stacy and then slaps Buh Buh. However, Dudleyz won the bout.

10/29/01 RAW!
Vince's music hits, and Vince, Lita and the rest of the WWF struts their way to the ring. Lita, along with the rest of the WWF positions themselves around the ring, as Vince talks in the inside. Vince talks about Survivor Series, and how the WWF will annihilate The Alliance. Stephanie's music hits, and the out comes the hottie and a half. Stephanie tells her dad that he's gonna lose and replays the clip of her slapping Linda. Stephanie introduces Shane, and Shane gets on the mic. Shane and Stephanie then leave, but not before the say someone from the WWF will defect.

Backstage, Jericho is holding a meeting with the rest of the WWF discussing the possibility of a WWF star jumping ship. Jacqueline, with her SEXY braids, Trish and Lita were all present during this meeting.

Stacy Keibler somes out first, and Lita follows. The women start and Lita tries capitalizing but Stacy counters with a cartwheel. Lita then clotheslines Stacy and nails a sidewalk slam. The women then end up in the corner and Stacy gets the upperhand, but Lita retaliates and hits a suplex. Lita then beats on Stacy and throws Stacy off the top rope. Lita then climbs onto the top and jumps and misses Stacy. Matt runs down and helps out Lita, and Stacy asks for help to but Matt says no. Stacy then slaps Matt, and Lita goes to help Matt, but he nails Lita in the face. Stacy then goes to pin Lita, but Lita powers out and pins Stacy. Matt and Lita fight up the ramp, as Stacy lays in the ring.

11/01/01 Smackdown!
Lita walks into the Hardyz's lockerroom to see if they're ready. Jeff is in the back lacing up his boot. Lita talks to Jeff and Jeff says the bruise on Lita's face from RAW doesn't look to good. Lita asks Jeff is Matt has talked about Stacy. Jeff gets up and looks at Lita's face, he touches her face and pulls her closer for a closer look when Matt walks in and thinks Jeff is caressing Lita's face. Matt goes psycho, and Lita goes psycho on Matt for going pyscho on Jeff.

Lita and The Hardyz come out first to their match against Stacy and The Dudleyz. The men start the match and soon Lita tags herself in and moonsaults. Stacy comes in and the Divas fight. And soon leave the ring. However, later on in the match, they get back into the ring and fight some more. Lita beats on Stacy and delivers a head-scissor takedown on Buh Buh. Later on Matt is swung into Lita how falls to the floor, and Jeff goes to check on her, allowing the Dudleyz to hit the 3D on Matt.

11/03/01 Rebellion UK PPV!
Hugh Morris and Chavo go looking around for Lita and find her in her lockerrom half naked. Lita chases them out.

Trish comes out first, to a HUGE crowd reaction. Next up, Mighty Molly, and then her tag partner, Stacy Keibler, who also recieves quite a good pop. Torrie next down the tamp, followed by Lita. Torrie and Stacy start off, with Torrie getting the upperhand. Lita comes in and beats down Stacy some more, before tagging back to Torrie. Molly hits a cheap shot on Torrie, and gets tagged in for a whole 20 seconds.. Boot to chin on Torrie, by Stacy. More illegal activity by Molly, and she is then brought back into the ring. Molly knocks Lita from the ring apron, who trys to come back in. Trish stops her, and Stacy/Molly hit a Chinlock/Boston Crab combo. Molly goes up top, but Torrie dodges and tags in Lita. Clothesline by Lita. Molly is swung into Stacy, by Lita, leaving Molly all alone to be Twist Of Fate'd, by Lita. 1,2,3, Lita and Torrie win. After the match, Stacy provokes Trish, who bulldogs Stacy.[credit: Daniel Edler]

11/05/01 RAW!
Lita comes down and does her normal crowd-warming, which Ivory takes advantage of, pulling her off the turnbuckle. Quick legdrop by Ivory 1-2-shoulder up. Stomps by Ivory, but Lita hits a shoulder block and a titlt-a-whirl slam 1-2-kickout. Lita hits a clothelsine in the corner and then goes for another, but Ivory flapjacks her into the turnbuckles. Bulldog by Ivory 1-2-shoulder up. Ivory smashes Lita's face into the mat and then pulls on her hair. Flapjack by Ivory 1-2-shoulder up. Ivory chokes Lita on the ropes, but Lita hits a face smash. Punches by Lita, then a clothesline and a back bodydrop. Headscissors by Lita, then a Russian legsweep 1-2-shoulder up. Lita goes for the Twist of Fate, but Ivory pushes her away. Clothesline by Lita, who then baseball slides an entering Lance Storm. Lance grabs Lita's feet until Matt Hardy runs down an attacks him. Ivory spins Lita around the hits a facebuster 1-2-3!

11/08/01 Smackdown!
Backstage Matt and Lita converse. Matt tells Lita about his IC match today. Lita says that theywere supposed to fight Lance and Ivory today. Matt says that his IC match is more important.

Backstage, Lita asks Matt if he's okay. She tells him she's found a new partner, Jeff!

Lita and Jeff come out, followed by Lance and Ivory. We see clips from Monday when Ivory pins Lita. Jeff and Lance start. Knee to the face by Lance. 2 count. Backbreaker by Lance. Jawbreaker by Jeff, followed by a flying forearm. Jeff tosses Lance outside. Double tag to the ladies. Spear to Ivory. Headscissors by Lita. Double tag. Clotheslines to Storm. Jeff misses the headscissors off the top rope, but hits a dropkick to the back of the head. Russian leg sweep and a compactor by Jeff, but Lace kicks out. Jeff goes for the low blow, but Ivory comes in. Lita comes in and double low blow by Jeff and Ivory. Whisper in the Wind to Lance. Superkick by Lance, 1-2-kickout. Lance grabs Jeff's foot, and Jeff hits an Enziguiri. Litarana to Lance. Ivory tags in. Back suplex by Lita. Jeff suicide dives onto Lance outside. Clothesline and scoop slam to Ivory. Lita hits the moonsault for the 1-2-3!

11/10/01 NEWS!
Lita, along with Terri, Victoria, Ivory, Jacqueline, Torrie, Stacy, Molly, Trish, Debra, and Sara flew down to the Bahamas this morning to take part in the 2001 Divas photoshoot!!

11/12/01 RAW!
Lita accompanies Matt and Jeff to their match against Booker T and Test. During the match Lita delivers a "HurricaneLita" to Booker, allowing Jeff to pin him... maing the Hardyz the new Tag Team Champs!

11/15/01 Smackdown!
Stacy accompanies Test, and The Dudleyz to their match against The Hardyz and Edge w/ Lita. During the match, Stacy gets onto the apron to distract the opposing team, but it backfires as D-Von almost hits her. As D-Von stops himself from nailing the long legged blonde, Edge spears him and gets the pin. Afterwards, Lita jumps into the ring and knocks Stacy off the apron right into Matt's arms. When Matt notices Lita's unimpressed look, he drops Stacy and starts apologzing. Lita turns around and walks right into a 3D.

Backstage, Matt comforts Lita and says she'll never be hurt by the Dudleyz again. They kiss, but Matt rolls his eyes while he kisses her!

11/18/01 Survivor Series (PPV)!
Lita and Jeff Hardy were shown, and they talked about tonight's match, and Lita said that Matt has been acting strange. Jeff said that they are all acting strange. There's a lot of pressure. Matt showed up, and he said that both Lita and Jeff should be acting strange, because if the WWF loses, they are out of a job. He doesn't want to be out of a job if it's not their fault. They can beat the Dudleys. If they win, they've got a job. There's no one that can take away his dream. If Lita wins the Women's Championship, then no one can take away her dream. The Hardys left, and Lita started to go into the locker room that Matt came out of, and Trish was there. Trish said that she's going to get ready, and she wished Lita good luck. Lita stood there and thought about that, because Trish was in the same room that Matt was in.

Trish Stratus made her way to the ring, followed by Jackie, and this is a six pack challenge for the WWF Women's Championship! All five announced women came out, and the sixth woman is Jazz! Jazz got right in the ring and she went at it with Lita and she gave her a butterfly suplex and then Lita came back with a head scissors take down. Jazz made the tag to Molly and she got in the ring and Lita tagged Jackie into the match. Molly and Jackie competed in a test of strength and then Jackie took Molly down and pinned her for a two count. Jackie chopped Molly a couple of times and then Jackie took Molly down with a hip toss and then a drop kick. Molly made the tag to Ivory. Jackie and Ivory went at it and Jackie got a sunset flip on Ivory for a two count and Ivory countered into a pin of her own and both women countered many pins. Ivory gave Jackie a sling shot into the second rope and then Jackie made he tag to Trish. Trish took Ivory down and she gave her a slingshot into the second rope and then she gave her a flap jack. Molly gave Trish a shot and then Ivory gave Lita a cheap shot and then the three Alliance women got in the ring and triple teamed Trish. Lita got in the ring to get them off of her and then Lita and Jackie gave Jazz the Poetry in Motion. Lita whipped Molly into the corner and then Jackie and Ivory went for the Poetry in Motion once again, but Jackie got up and gave Lita a hard clothesline. Molly came off the top rope, and Ivory hit the Poison Ivory on Trish. Lita hit the Twist of Fate on Ivory and then she went to the top rope and came off with the moonsault and a pin for a two count as Jazz and Molly broke up the pin. Lita knocked Molly and Jazz down with a double clothesline and then she tossed Molly to the outside of the ring. Jazz raked the eyes of Lita and then Lita took a back body drop to the outside of the ring by Trish. Jazz charged at Trish, but Trish ducked and pulled the ropes and Jazz fell to the outside of the ring. Trish then gave Ivory the Stratusfaction bulldog and then a pin for a three count to win the title!

During the main event, Lita and the rest of the WWF looked on.

11/19/01 RAW!
Lita comes out, with Matt alongside. The new WWF Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, makes her way out, allowing Lawler to pick up right where he left off. Side headlock by Trish, but Lita spears her down. Sunset Flip by Lita 1-2-kickout. Trish catapults Lita into the ropes and then scoop slams her. Inside cradle by Lita 1-2-kickout. Clothelsines by Lita, then a flapjack 1-2-shoulder up. Mounted punches by Lita, then a hard clothesline in the corner. Lita runs at Trish, but she gets her leg up and kicks Lita down hard. Trish goes second rope and misses the elbow drop. Lita goes up for the moonsault, but Trish pushes her off the 'buckle tothe barrier outside. Matt helps her up, but Trish baseball slides into both of them! Matt picks up Lita and puts her into the ring. Trish picks up the dazed Lita and backslides her 1-2-3! Afterwards, both Matt and Lita argue, holding their mouths from the baseball slide.

11/22/01 Smackdown!
In the back, Matt watches the tape of Survivor Series when Jeff had a chance to leave the cage and win, but instead jumped off and cost them the match. Lita turns the tape off and tells him to stop watching what happened. Jeff comes in, holding his neck. They ask when he'll be back, but he doesn't know yet. Jeff appologizes over and over, but Matt says that Jeff had to go and put himself in front of the team, trying to make the highlight reel again, and now they have no Titles. Jeff didn't make a mistake, he made a choice; the wrong choice. Lita says that Matt has made a lot of wrong choices lately as well. There are more important things than those Titles, like family, like each other, like love.

11/26/01 RAW!
Lita accompanies Jeff to his match against Christian. During the match, Matt runs down and yells at Lita. He then distracts Jeff allwowing Christian to get the pin.

Backstage, Jeff and Matt argue about what happened. Lita jumps into the middle and Matt tells her shut up. Lita calls Matt selfish and leaves.

11/29/01 Smackdown!
In the back, Lita comes in Jeff's lockerroom. She needs to talk to him about Matt. She worried about Matt. But she's worried about Jeff too. She asks if he's okay to wrestle. Jeff says he's fine. Matt comes in and scares the other two. He says that they have a number one contender's match for the Tag Team Titles tonight. Jeff asks who they're facing. Matt says Kane and the Big Show. But it's no problem, he says, because they're the best tag team in WWF history.

Lita and The Hardyz come down to their match against Big Show and Kane. During the match, Lita tried to save the Hardyz and attepted a HurricaneLita on Kane, but was stopped. She landed on Kane's shoulder and he placed her back onto the top rope. Matt ran into Kane, knocking Lita off the top rope onto the floor.

12/03/01 RAW!
Torrie Wilson accompanies Tajiri and Spike Dudley to their match against The Hardy Boyz w/Lita. The women don't do anything during the match. However, after the match Matt and Jeff argue while Lita whines on the outside.

Backstage, Matt yells at Jeff for what he did, while Jeff claims that he did it to win. Lita tries to stop the arguement, and in the process, gets knocked down. Matt claims that if she loved him, she'd take his side. So to find out who's side she's on, Lita will referee their match at Vengeance. Lita replies with a "FINE!" which she said rather retardedly.

12/09/01 Vengeance (PPV)!
Backstage, Lita is stretching when Matt Hardy approaches her. He tells Lita that he's going to win and that they should celebrate after he wins. Lita "seems" happy with the situation.

Lita came down first followed by Jeff and Matt. The match started and Lita played referee. Lita did not play a pivitol intereferance role. In the end, Jeff pinned Matt, but Matt had his foot on the rope for a split second and Lita didn't see it. Afterwards, Matt complains and leaves leaving Lita whining in the ring.

Backstage, Lita is trying to get Matt to talk to her, Matt ignores Lita and goes on his way.

12/10/01 RAW!
In the back, Lita is still trying to tell Matt that she didn't see his foot, nor did she want to be in that position in the first place. And now she and Jeff have to fight him? She loves him. She loves him? That's probably just to make him feel guilty about what he's going to do tonight, huh? If she loved him, why would she count the three? If she didn't want to be the ref, why didn't she just say so? Matt asked for this handicap match so that Lita and Jeff can try to beat him in front of his eyes, instead of behind his back like last night. And just like the team of the Hardy Boys, Matt and Lita are broken up! Matt sends her out of his room and shuts the door on her. She begins to cry until Jeff comes over to console her.

The Hardy's music hits, and the crowd screams, but soon turns silent when they see that this is the Evil Matt Hardy. Lita's music hits, and out come Jeff and Lita, much to the fans' delight. Matt and Jeff exchange words, with Lita getting in between them. Matt shoves Lita down and attacks Jeff. They roll around on the matt, pounding away on each other. Matt stomps away on his brother, while Lita screams and pouts from the apron. Jeff fires back, pounding away on Matt, only to be big booted away. Matt tosses Jeff to the outside, and then clotheslines him off the apron. Jeff smashes Matt's head into the apron and then the two of them fall over the barrier. Jeff tosses Matt over the barrier, but Matt smashes his brother into the stairs. Back inside, Matt hits a falling fist 1-2-kickout. Matt clotheslines Jeff down, but Jeff hits one of his own. Flying forearm by Jeff, then the Whisper in the WInd. Double legdrop by Jeff, followed with the mounted punches. Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate, but Matt pushes him over the ropes. Lita goes up top and hits the HurricanLita on Matt! Jeff goes up top and misses the Swanton! Lita reaches over and grabs Jeff. She looks to check on Jeff, but Matt capitalizes and schoolboys her 1-2-3!

12/13/01 Smackdown!
Lita is walking down the hall and Test walks up behind her admiring her rear. Test offers himself to her but Lita declares she needs to be alone. Test goes on with some of his self-induldged persuasion and just as Lita gets mad and Test wants her to hit him, Jeff Hardy gets right in his face and challenges him to a match tonight.

Lita comes down with Jeff. Test and Jeff fight and Lita interferes with a Litacanrana. Hebner escorts Lita out allowing Test to kick him, knocking Jeff off the top rope. Test gets DQ'ed.

12/17/01 RAW!
Jeff Hardy w/Lita comes down to his match against The Undertaker. Lita doesn't interfere at all, however at the end of the match, Lita attempted a "head-scissor takedown" but the Undertaker stared her down. This pissed Taker off so, he grabbed Jeff and took him to the top of the stage. He told Lita that he's doing this and it's all her fault. Taker delivers a "Last Ride" to Jeff off the stage to the floor. He then grabs Lita and throws her off the stage.
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